Welcome to the Online Home of West Point Baptist Church

We Exist to bring Glory to God by Making Disciples that areanchored and fueled through "Law and Gospel" Preaching, God-Ward Worship, and a Desire to see our Community Saturated with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We Pray that our Church in every aspect will Glorify the Father, Exalt Christ, and Edify the Saints through the Holy Spirit.

West Point Baptist Church is a fellowship of Christians in the Graysville-Adamsville area and surrounding towns and cities that desire to do what we were created and redeemed to do- glorify God by enjoying Him forever! We hope that our website will help you learn more about our church and why we are here. If you do not belong to a bible believing and preaching new covenant church, we hope that you will come and worship the Lord with us and see if we may be your last stop in your search for a church home. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us through one of the methods listed on this website.

"Law and Gospel" Preaching - What is it?

Law and Gospel Preaching is the proclamation of the Perfection that the One and only Holy God the Father Demands and our inability to achieve this on our own.Any yet while we where yet sinners Christ died for the ungodly. When we were rebels against Him, Christ Became All of our sins on the Cross of Calvary that we would be redeemed, reconciled, declared righteous, and sealed eternally not on any part of our own but in the Finished work of Jesus Alone by Grace alone through Faith alone as the Holy Scriptures alone Declare. That even as Believers we are in desperate need of the Glorious Gospel Daily so that even our growth in the Christian Walk becomes solely dependent on what Christ has done and not on any work of our own. (Sola Christus, Sola Gratia, Sola Fide, Sola Scriptura)

(Matt 5:48,Rom 3:23,Rom 5:8,Eph 1:7,1 Peter 1:18-19,2 Cor 5:21,Eph 1:13-14,John 19:30,Eph 2:8-9,2 Tim 3:16,Rom 7,Gal 3:1-3)

God-Ward Worship - Why?

We recognize that God is the only one that is Worthy of Worship. He is sovereign, He is the Creator of all Life, He holds all things together, He brought us to Life when we were dead. When no man would not seek after God he sought after us. He is the giver of Grace ,Faith, and Repentance. We have no room to boast except in Christ. He is Deserving of all the Glory so our Worship is Directed toward Him. Worship consist of our singing, reading of the Holy Scriptures as the author(the Holy Spirit) Intended, Elder led Prayer and Weekly Communion to keep our Hearts and Eyes focused on the Cross of Christ as our Sufficiency.(Sola Deo Gloria)

(2 Chor. 20:6,Gen 1:1,Col 1:17,Eph 2:1,Rom 3:11,Rom 10:20,Eph 2:8-9,Gal 6:14,1 Cor 10:31)


Gospel-Saturated Community - How?

We want to saturate our community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ both in Spiritual and Physical need. We do not view ourselves as better than others on the contrary we understand that we are all Beggers that the Lord has given bread. We do not merely want to just reach the physical need but to get to the only condition that will in the end be of any signifigance the Spiritual need. While reaching our community in the physical we Vow to show them Our Desperate need for a Savior and to share the only one who can meet that need through Faith and Repentance in the Cross of Jesus Christ.

(Acts 1:8,Rom 12:3,Phil 2:5-8,Mark 8:36,Luke 5:31-32,Jude 1:25,Acts 17:30